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Can GCH Captiva Working Out 


"Fancy" Nancy our lady of
Gentle Grace

Like you to meet our Nancy

To best describes her is a Gentle Lady!

However you may think an Irish should behave she is not! Nancy is very reserved, quiet! She has regular knocks at the door from primary children to bring her for a walk! Our Irish love children. Nancy keeps all family setters balanced. If any of them get into mischief she runs to us and walks us to the shenanigans! True story !

Can GCH Captiva Working Out - Nancy is a CKC Conformation Titled Grand Champion and has done well and has been very consistent in the ring in and out of the province. 

Nancy for a bitch has a very strong structure and has always maintain a very fit stature and excels in heavy bush and loves the water.

She is the perfect, loving picture of GRACE

Nancy has completed all health testing with success. 

OFA Thyroid, Elbows and Hips 

DNA Testing 

DM, GLD, CLAD, LAD1, PRA-rcd1, PRA-rcd4 and VWD1

Can GCH BPIS Captiva Kathleen


Striking Beauty Our Katie is our Spirited Girl who brings complete FUN & Laughter 

Like you to meet Katie

Katie is full of the Irish spirit!

She is the happiest girl Katie’s title name is Can GCH BPIS Captiva Kathleen . Named after her human sister .

The titles come before her name she is a Canadian Grand Champion and achieved this title by 18 month , no easy accomplishment in the show ring . Katie won 5 Best Puppy in Shows and in 2018 was the #1 Irish Setter Puppy in Canada

Katie loves the show ring she is indeed a “ show off” When the lead goes on she’s “ game on” To watch Katie run whether its in a ring or in the woods ...its a beautiful sight. 

Katie was blessed with a magnificent beautiful Irish silky coat and it’s a natural trait and very easy to care for and groom .

Katie has the personality to have all the setters in the house to clean and take care of her … it’s worth a show ticket . Hence she is aka. “The Ticket “in our home .She loves to play , always happy , always jovial.

Katie is very vocal Irish you always know what she wants … let me tell you if a dog could talk .. she’s talking .

She’s the best sister and loves all other in the house deeply .

Hands down the show leader in our never ending comedy show each and every day !

She is the best of all 4 in hiking she is amazing at checking back you always see her .

The perfect companion dog , she don’t leave who she loves and she loves people .

Katie loves everyone she has no one master the whole family is the master. You love her she loves you back !

A beautiful precious girl

Richleen Terra Nova Treasure

Molly is our upcoming girl . She was from our first litter . We can't wait to see what is in her future but for the time being she loves out in woods and water of back country Newfoundland and Labrador.

Molly has a very gentle outstanding temperament! 

Molly  will enter conformation training the 2022 season. 

Molly is CoOwned by Michelle Porter , Rod & Michelle Peach

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